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Using Suggest

Non-native speakers often struggle with constructing sentences with the word “suggest”. The following sentences are incorrect: Please suggest me a good hotel. She suggested me to visit that museum.   You could say instead: Please suggest a good hotel to me. She...

The Use of Any and Some

Most Spanish speakers learn early on what the difference between “some” and “any” is. “Some” is generally understood to be used in affirmative sentences while “any” is used in questions and negative sentences as in the following examples:   Is there any time...


As I have previously mentioned, knowing whether the gerund (going), the infinitive (to go) or the bare infinitive (go) is supposed to come after the verb is often just a matter of memorizing which form follows which verbs. What makes this particularly difficult is the...


      Your English pronunciation is never going to be perfect. Many times it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes because even though it’s not exactly as a native speaker would say it, you’ll still be understood by the vast majority of native and...
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