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Imagine that you forgot your pen, so you want to use someone else’s temporarily. How would you ask them? What verb would you use?

Decide what you would put in the blanks for these two questions:

Could you ___________ me your pen?

Could I ___________  your pen?

You might have been tempted to put “borrow” in the first blank. The thing we are borrowing, however, is the pen, not you. The same goes for the word “explain”. You can’t say “please explain me”. You have to say “please explain it to me” because the thing you want explained is not you.

In the first blank you should put the word “lend” while in the second you should put “borrow”.

If you got it right, do you know what the difference between “borrow” and “lend” is? When you give it, you are lending it and when you are taking it, you are borrowing it.