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Imagine that you forgot your pen, so you want to use someone else’s temporarily. How would you ask them? What verb would you use? Decide what you would put in the blanks for these two questions: Could you ___________ me your pen? Could I ___________  your pen? You...


3er CURSO DE INGLÉS PROFESIONAL PARA INGENIEROS INDUSTRIALES Duración del 24 de Octubre al 19 de Junio (60 horas) Viernes de 17.00 a 19.00 horas grupo 1 y de 19.00 a 21.00 horas grupo 2(asignación de horario por estricto orden de llegada) Necesario nivel B1(prueba de...

NEW: Spain´s timetable

We often don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about our own culture and how it relates to others or even how our culture is perceived by outsiders. A fascinating way to find out how other cultures see your own is to read what is written about it, particularly in...

NEW: Reading in English

Think about the number of hours that you have spent speaking, reading or writing in your native language. Now compare that to the number of hours that you have spent doing the same in English. This is part of the reason why your ability to express yourself in your...
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