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Formal/parecido, informal/ no me suena…. Esa es la cuestión!!!!

Echad un vistazo y veréis como nuestra raíz latina nos acerca al uso escrito y más formal del idioma,………………. Qué cosas!!!

TIMSpoken English in many ways is very different from written English. Curiously, if you were to write a typical sentence that a native speaker would use when speaking, it would be much more difficult for a native Spanish speaker to understand than if you saw a similar sentence written. Why is this?

Take a look at the following sentences:

“For that reason I have taken the liberty of contacting him.”

“That’s why I got in touch with him.”

And these words:

correct / right

incorrect / wrong

Because written English is more formal, more words that come from Latin such as liberty and correct are used because they are considered to be more academic. Words of Germanic origin (from Old English) are the ones that native speakers tend to use in everyday conversations.

It is important, therefore, to remember that formal writing should look a lot like Spanish while your spoken English should use mostly Germanic words.