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Learning a language is difficult and people often get very frustrated about it. It’s easy to think that you aren’t getting the level you need fast enough or that you’re not even improving at all. I think this sensation comes from the fact that your level of fluency, ease of expression, etc. is hard to measure. To remind yourself of how much you’re actually improving, I have some suggestions:

  1. Do you listen to your target language every day?

You’ll realize how much you’ve improved if you listen to a podcast, watch a TV show or listen to a radio program every day. After months of this, you can think back to the time when you started and you’ll realize how it comes so much easier to you now than it did when you first started.

  1. Do you find time to study?

Quizlet is a great resource. Check it out. It’s a way to make your own flashcards. You can make sets and when you’re waiting for a friend, on the train or just bored waiting for your friend to respond to your Whatsapp message, you can quickly review the vocabulary / expressions / phrasal verbs that you’ve written through an app on your phone. You’ll see how words that you used to forget all the time are now words that you recall easily.

As with anything, it is important to remember that no one’s perfect and that learning anything takes time and has its setbacks. If you keep using it somehow, you will continually improve. The problem is when you let too much time go before using it again. Make a point to incorporate the language into your daily routine.