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As I have discussed previously in this blog, pronunciation is probably one of the most difficult things to master when studying English. The more English you can listen to during your day, the better you will become at learning how to properly pronounce sounds. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t seem to matter how often you hear the sound, you simply don’t know how to form the sound in your mouth and therefore can’t accurately reproduce it.

Although children are able to hear a sound and mimic it, adults need to be taught specifically how sounds are supposed to be formed. Unfortunately, this isn’t really possible unless you were able to see into a native speaker’s mouth from the side as the sound was produced. Even if you don’t have x-ray vision, you can see how the sound is made by going to this website.It gives you various sounds that exist in English with a diagram and a description of how to produce the sound. In addition, it gives you several words that exemplify the sound.

Don’t let the phonetic terms and symbols intimidate you. The point of the website is to help you improve your pronunciation in a way that a teacher can’t do just by speaking to you face-to-face.

 Tim Brust

Head of Studies

inlingua Ciudad Real